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Scientia vincere tenebras*
*Science will conquer darkness
Polaris-Flight is a pioneer disruptive AI transformation in pilot training. We provide training centers with an agile and extendible data driven decision-support framework in flight trainings, that maximizes the way your center delivers trainings.

We collaborate with airlines, simulators training facilities, and flight training academies to help increase quality of training, train resilient pilots and imporve safety levels while cutting expenses.

We use Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to help you excel in Competency-Based Training Assessment and Evidence-Based Training, while reducing costs and improving safety levels, quality and performances.

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."
Steve Jobs
  • Highlight trainings insights
  • Diagnose your trainings
  • Predict outcomes
  • Take evidence-based decisions
  • Measure and Improve Quality
  • Measure and Improve Pilots, Instructors and Training programs Performances
  • Measure and Improve Safety
  • Automate Compliance
  • Standardize instruction
  • Increase instruction inter-rater reliability
  • Increase adherence to SOPs
  • Reduce training costs
  • Maximize training ROI
  • Tailor training program based on real pilots needs
  • Provide advanced CBTA
  • Provide effectve EBT